Youth Eurythmy Festival postponed to 2022

Dear Colleagues, with the ever shifting sands we are all navigating nationally and locally it seems that many of us are not able to bring our students to the Youth Eurythmy Festival on July 2nd now so we have made the decision to postpone until Spring 2022 when we are hopefully in a better place to come together again.
We would like to express our appreciation for your consistent support and commitment over the past 5/6 years, travelling long distances, getting parents and colleagues on board, sewing and fundraising to come together to celebrate the work we do and keep eurythmy alive. It has been so inspiring to watch each other’s work, grow a supportive teacher’s network and even find new roles in schools wanting eurythmy for their children. All our efforts have borne this fruit thus far.
It would be really helpful to have your feedback on this and in general to see if we can shape a more inclusive festival going forward.
We wish you a peaceful and healthy end to the school year with all positive thoughts for a Youth Eurythmy Festival in Spring 2022.
Warm wishes
Kelly, Michèle and Sigune
Michèle Hunter (Eurythmy teacher at St Michael’s Steiner School, London)
Kelly Williams (Eurythmy teacher at Brighton Waldorf School)
Sigune Brinch (Peredur Eurythmy and Section Coordinator Performing Arts UK)
Youth Eurythmy Festival, YEF6

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