Thr first Goetheanum – as an Image of Anthroposophy, Art Intensive Week in Dornach, 21-28 July 2023.

We invite you to intensify your encounter with the first Goetheanum during this Art Intensive Week. It united all the arts as a synthesis of the arts and gave an impression of spiritual reality as it was expressed in anthroposophy at that time. What the eye saw and the ear heard came from the same spiritual source and served as an “organ for the language of the gods”.
This artistic marvel was burnt down as the result of arson on New Year’s Eve 1922/1923. Thus the possibility of experiencing anthroposophy through art was lost for a time. The first Goetheanum, however, carries within itself eternal creative impulses, which we want to approach in the Art Intensive Week by creating artistically and perceiving the spiritual background. The encounter with the first Goetheanum, which began at the Christmas Conference in December of the past year, will be intensified during this art week.
In the process, it will become apparent that recreating and obtaining a sense of it constitutes an unsuspected and inexhaustible source for inwardly bringing its content to life. The focus of the intensive week is therefore on the workshops, which are accompanied by deepening lectures and reflections. The work will continue in Summer 2024 with an Intensive Week on the second Goetheanum.

We look forward to being able to encounter this incomparable work of art together with you, artistically creating and recognizing and experiencing its essence.
More information on the program, about the contributors and registration in the flyer.



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