‘The power of language to shape the human being – empowering, uplifting, healing’, Conference at the Goetheanum

Dear colleagues,

After the difficult Corona years, a new darkness has descended on Europe – the war in Ukraine is tearing at our hearts and leaving us helpless and powerless.
What does a major conference on eurythmy, speech formation and eurythmy therapy mean in such times? It can make us aware once again of how deeply our arts are based on pure humanity. It can give us the strength to use the “human-forming power of language” as a means against violence and destruction and to make ourselves more and more capable of speaking in the sense of this human development.
Our conference will enable an encounter in two ways: online and in presence.
The presence conference will be preceded by a two-day online conference (18 and 19 April 2022), which will offer a course in eurythmy, speech formation and eurythmy therapy and a live chat for in-depth study and exchange. During the conference in Dornach, online participants can experience the lectures, demonstrations and performances via live stream.

Registration Online + in Dornach

The livestreams will remain available online for all conference participants until 8 May 2022, and participants of the conference in Dornach will also have access to them.

At the Conference at the Goetheanum (19–22 April 2022) there will be a rich offer of courses in which one can delve deeper into a topic. Three joint events on the mornings will allow “language” to be seen, heard and experienced in lectures, readings and demonstrations. The marketplaces as well as the evening performances create an opportunity to share in each other’s artistic and research work.

Registration Online + in Dornach

A special focus of this conference is salutogenesis. In these dense and difficult times, we want to create a space in which each participant can fully reflect on his or her own inner needs.
We are very much looking forward to meeting you all!

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