“The power of language to shape the human being – effective, uplifting, healing” International Conference on Eurythmy – Eurythmy Therapy – Speech Formation at the Goetheanum from 19th to 22nd April 2022.

Online meetings: 18-19 April 2022, during the Goetheanum Conference and 1-2 weeks after the conference.

We are going to try a second time!
Dear Colleagues,

After working together in digital format last year, we want to have a face-to-face conference at Easter 2022, despite the circumstances! We want to come together at the Goetheanum, meet and celebrate togetherness, from Tuesday to Friday evening – one day shorter than usual.
Our central theme remains language – the power and sound of language in its many dimensions are the basis of our professions.

We want to deepen our understanding of the effectiveness that underlies eurythmy, eurythmy therapy and speech formation, to exchange professional views on new questions, tasks and possibilities that time demands of us, to be inspired by a wide variety of contributions and to spend four days in real encounters – these are the guiding stars for this professional conference. We hope that many of you will seek an opportunity for such an encounter and come to the conference! And we look forward to many contributions to the marketplace and the performances.
In addition, we would like to create daily opportunities to replenish your energy during the conference. Whether in a conversation walk, in meditative and hygienic exercises and therapeutic applications, in the contemplation of art and architecture or in an extended break – find out what is good for you!

On Monday and Tuesday there will be an online offering in advance. Four workshop sessions and a live chat are planned here. At the attendance conference there will be livestreams of the performances, the lectures will be available on the net for a fortnight.

At the moment it is not possible to predict how many people will be able to come to the conference and how many additional costs will be incurred. Furthermore, it is our concern to make it possible for many to attend the conference. The necessary tests will be offered free of charge on site.

In order to fully finance the conference, a regular ticket (conference participation including breaktime coffee and lunch, without dinner) would have to cost around CHF 750. Those who have their costs covered by their school/employer are welcome to choose this price. All others pay CHF 495/395/295, students CHF 175, depending on their possibilities.
For the online offer, the access costs per participant are CHF 120. A reduction to CHF 100/80 is possible, students pay CHF 50. Participants of the attendance conference will receive free online access. We are working on finding further sponsors to make the conference economically feasible. 

This is where we stand with our planning and we want to share this with you today. We are looking forward to your feedback, wishes, ideas, thoughts and many contributions!

With best regards on behalf of the preparatory group
Hana Adamcová (für die Heileurythmie/Eurythmietherapie / for eurythmy therapy),
Stefan Hasler (Sektionsleiter / section leader),
Hanna Koskinen (Sektionssekretariat / section secretar),
Ulrike Wendt (für Bühnenprojekte / for stage projects), Michael Werner (für die Eurythmiepädagogik und Eurythmie in sozialen Arbeitsfeldern / for eurythmy education and eurythmy in social fields of work),
Agnes Zehnter (für die Sprachgestaltung / for speech)

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