Member Conference and AGM in January 2019

Following discussion over the summer, the Councils of the Eurythmy Association (EA) and the Eurythmy Therapy Association (ETA) have agreed to hold a joint member conference and AGM in January 2019. The overarching theme will be: “Colour and its manifestation in eurythmy” Included in the conference will be the Annual General Meetings (AGM) of both […]

Seminar for Eurythmy Teachers in Schools

As part of our Eurythmy MA programme we will be offering a number of weeks on eurythmy teaching that are open to all interested eurythmists. This autumn the first one will focus on eurythmy teaching for the preschool child and Kindergarten to Class 3. There will be three guest teachers for this week. On Monday […]

Workshop: Four Ethers as a Basis for Eurythmy

This workshop on the ‘Four Ethers as a basis for eurythmy’  with Ulrike Wendt is on the 5th – 6th October 2018 at the Glasshouse Centre for the Arts, Stourbridge, UK. The workshop is open to eurythmists and massage therapists and the fee is likely to be around £70 for the whole thing (including refreshments […]