Sixth Youth Eurythmy Festival on Friday, 18th March 2022 in Rudolf Steiner House

The Youth Eurythmy Festival is happening again at Rudolf Steiner House in London, this time on the afternoon of  March 18th! 
This annual event has been happening since 2014 with great success, but to date we are in our 6th year as we could not run the event for the last two years. Hence, we are all the more excited to get the different groups of children, students,  young adults with complex needs and young professionals together again to share their work, to be mutually seen and inspired, celebrating art and humanity through the rich and innate language of movement and gesture in visible speech and visible singing.
Do come and join us on the day!
Please email to reserve seats.
From the festival team,
Sigune Brinch
Kelly Williams
Michèle Hunter




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