Seminar for Eurythmy Teachers in Schools

As part of our Eurythmy MA programme we will be offering a number of weeks on eurythmy teaching that are open to all interested eurythmists.

This autumn the first one will focus on eurythmy teaching for the preschool child and Kindergarten to Class 3.

There will be three guest teachers for this week. On Monday Thea Kaesbach, who has many years of experience with early education, will focus on eurythmy for the preschool child. From Tuesday until Friday lunchtime Carin Brinton-Boonstoppel will focus on Kindergarten to Class 3. She is an experienced teacher now living and working in Holland and is a member of the international circle for eurythmy education. In addition William Forward, an experienced Waldorf teacher, will give three afternoon sessions on aspects of this age group and the curriculum.

Dates: October 8th to October 12th

Venue: Peredur Centre for the Arts

Cost: £350 (not including board and lodging)

If you are interested please contact us to sign up at

Accommodation can be arranged through Peredur directly.

(The following seminar on middle school teaching will be February 18-22.)


Shaina Stoehr and Coralee Frederickson