Section for the Performing Arts Newsletter Easter 2020

Dear readers, dear colleagues,

in contrast to the Michaelmas edition, the contributions for the Easter edition of the Newsletter of our Section focus on a specific theme.

In the 2020 Easter edition, we would like to focus on educational work in kindergarten and school, of the four arts represented in our section – eurythmy, speech formation & drama, music and puppetry.

We asked many of you for a contribution that deals with the following questions:
– What comes to my mind today (perhaps in contrast to earlier experiences) as a latent or clearly formulated question from the children and young people? What do they expect from me?
– How do I understand these questions? How do I structure my lessons in such a way that I can answer the children and young people? Is there a concrete exercise that I can describe in this connection?
– What experiences have I had in this context? How does my teaching affect the children and young people, when it is arranged in this way? Do I talk to them about this? In which direction will the questions and requirements/challenges for my art in the field of education develop further? Will this challenge create new substance?

As in other editions of the newsletter, I have asked a colleague to co-edit the new issue, this time Ulf Matthiesen, eurythmy teacher in Hamburg.

For the Easter 2021 edition, we would like to focus on the power of the sounds. If you would like to contribute to this theme, please contact me.

We wish you interesting and enjoyable reading
With warm regards,
Stefan Hasler

Section Newsletter No. 72



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