Postgraduate Stage Year 2018/19 – Eurythmy West Midlands

Young Eurythmists are invited to develop their artistic Eurythmy. This involves active participation in forming programmes, rehearsing, directing, lighting design, costuming and all that belongs to touring. This one-year project can be taken to gain a level 6 BA equivalent “Eurythmy as a Performing Art”. A tier-4 visa for non-EU students can be issued.

Rehearsals take place in the Eurythmy Studio, part of the Ruskin Centre for the Arts on the campus of the Glasshouse College, Stourbridge.

Our working method is in collaboration with experienced artists. Artistic directors: Maren Stott, Rita Kort and Jonathan Reid (eurythmy), Geoffrey Norris (Speech), Alan Stott (piano), Bob Davey (cello) and other experienced artists.

For enquiries and auditions:

Maren Stott

0044 (0) 1384 442563