1. Simple forms for the early years or could be used in Waldorf Schools.

All That’s Past (de la Mare)

Asia speaks (Shelley)

Carol (WR Rodgers)

The Hound of Heaven (Thompson)

Lepanto (Chesterton)

There is no Rose (15thC)

From the Bhagavad Gita

The Vulture (Belloc)

Lucifer and Ahriman

The Owl and the Pussycat (Lear)

Most Gorious Lord of Life (Spenser)

Out of Nothing (Raine)

The stars spake once to Man (Steiner)

A lady that was so fair and bright (English traditional)

In beauty before me I walkWe are the stars that sing

The Fiddler of Dooney (Yeats)

Mine eye is sun (Old Indian)

I saw a stranger yesterday

A Sea Dirge (Full Fathom Five)

Cain and Abel

A Tragic Story (W.M Thackray)

A Lament (Shelley)

Green Broom

Let in the wind (Raine)

Carol (W.R. Rodgers)

Come Little Leaves (George Cooper)

Jim (Cautionary Tales – Belloc)

Can you tell me

Easter Alliteration

A Lament (Shelley)

Winter (de la Mare)

The Flowers in the Valley

From the Bhagavaghita

The Light of the Sun (Steiner)

Hail to thee Earth (Old English)

Seed (Raine)

Sea Fever

To the Evening Star (Blake)

All That’s Past (de la Mare)

Music (de la Mare)

Asia (Shelley)

To wonder at Beauty (Steiner)

He grew (Daisy Aldan)

Pure I was (Northumberland Sequence) (Raine)

All That’s Past (de la Mare)

Song of proserpine (Shelley)

Homer’s Hymn to the Earth (trans. Shelley)

Green Rain (Mary Webb)

Tarantella (Belloc)

In flaming fire (Buddha)

Lepanto (Chesterton)

Lepanto (Chesterton)

Let in the wind (Raine)

Four Zodiac signs

Hurrahing in Harvest (Hopkins)

I seek within (Steiner)

The Seasons (Harwood)

Cuthman’s Song (Fry)

The Rune of St. Patrick

what if a much of which of a wind (e. e. cummings)