This page will offer eurythmy forms from Melissa Harwood’s training, stage work and her own teaching in the training at the London School of Eurythmy at Steiner house in London and Peredur with Marguerite Lundgren, Barbara Beedham, Betty Parker and Annemaria Baeschlin.

There is a copy of the syllabus of the London School of Eurythmy which describes the thoughts behind the teaching at that time – the 1970’s – 90’s.

“I have grouped them in various themes.

  1. Simple forms for the early years or could be used in Waldorf Schools.
  2. Various exercises for Vowels, Conconants, Assonance, Diphtongs, Alliteration, Rhythms, Rhyme, Thinking – Feeling and Willing, Apollonian, I, Thou and He and other exercises for 1st and 2nd year.
  3. The Seasons – Michaelmas, Christmas, Easter.
  4. Exercises in Colour.
  5. Forms for stage work or older children.
  6. The story of Perceval.

(I have noted on each form where possible who the form is by: ML – Marguerite Lundgren, BB – barbara Beedham, BP – Betty Parker.)

I hope you find them useful and as inspiring as I did.

                                      Melissa Harwood”