New book on the Zodiac Gestures by Werner Barfod

“The Zodiac Gestures in Eurythmy” by Werner Barfod, translated by Sally Lake-Edwards. This well researched book deals with all aspects of this multi- faceted subject, linking the Zodiac forces with the world of consonants, the senses and much more. It is now available to the English speaking world published by Floris books. This is an important work for all eurythmists to expand and augment this central aspect of speech eurythmy.

New book on the Zodiac Gestures by Werner Barfod

From the press release by Floris Books:

“Eurythmy is an art form that makes sounds visible. By incorporating Zodiac gestures into their art, as indicated by Rudolf Steiner, eurythmists can draw on a deep connection between the earth and the cosmos. The Zodiac, as representative of the whole cosmos, is a vital part of human spirituality, acting as the backdrop to human life. But it can be hard to fathom the Zodiac’s secret, even through meditation. Barfod draws a parallel between meditative exercises and Eurythmy practice, and shows how Zodiac gesture in Eurythmy can reveal cosmic insights. This is a book for Eurythmy Teachers and Practitioners who want to deepen their art and spiritual work.”

To purchase please see coupon in the next EA newsletter, out in the beginning of June.

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