Meeting of Humanities Section in Rudolf Steiner House at 11am on Saturday, 26th February 2022.

The invitation to this meeting was extended to the members of Performing Arts Section by Andrew Wolpert.
“The last Section meeting in October became an opportunity to recognise different aspects of how poetic metre have evolved differently in German and in English.  Our meeting on 26th February may be of interest to members of other Sections as we explore this theme in more detail.

Fritz Wefelmeyer  and Coralee Frederickson  will share with us their further work on the historical development and changing significance of poetic metre and rhythm in the German and Anglo-Saxon traditions.

Our recent Section meetings have been open for whoever is interested in the announced theme.  We have decided that this coming February  meeting will be only for members of the School of Spiritual Science.  We will begin at 11am with a free rendering by Simon of the Third Lesson of the First Class, and after lunch Fritz and Coralee with give their contributions.  We plan to finish by 6pm.  Sadly, once again, Christiane Haid will not be able to join us, but intends to send a written contribution on the theme for us to consider.  

In the wish to support cross-section work, I invite you to  make this known to your Section members, who might be interested in participating.

It will help in the planning of the space and refreshments to know how many we will be,  please do let me know if you are coming.  
Please remember to bring your Blue Card.

With all very best wishes,
Andrew Wolpert”
mob: +447825140119

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