Links to other Eurythmy Associations, Eurythmy Trainings or other organisations and suppliers that have relevance to eurythmists.

Eurythmy Trainings in the British Isles (undergraduate)

Eurythmy West Midlands

Peredur Eurythmy

Post graduate Eurythmy Trainings in the British Isles

MA in Eurythmy from Alanus University

Eurythmy in Organisations

Eurythmy Therapy Training

Post Graduate Performance Project – Eurythmy West Midlands

Performing  Ensembles

Eurythmy West Midlands

London Eurythmy

Eurythmy Associations

Eurythmy Therapy Association

Berufsverband der Eurythmisten in Oesterreich

Berufsverband der Eurythmisten in Deutschland e.V.

Euritmie Impresariaat Nederlands

Eurythmy Association of North America

Eurythmie Verband Schweiz

Anthroposophical Societies

General Anthroposophical Society

Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain

Anthroposophical Society in Ireland

Educational Associations

Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship

Irish Steiner Kindergarten Association

Special Needs Education/Social Therapy Organisations

Association of Camphill Communites in Great Britain

The Committee for Steiner Special Education

Other Links

Outreach Group

Floris Books (books about Eurythmy, education, therapies and more)

Wynstones Press (books about Eurythmy, therapies, Eurythmy figure cards and poster and more)

Rudolf Steiner Press (books about Eurythmy, education, therapies, Anthroposophy and more)

Upper Esk Music (sheet music for Eurythmy, fairy tales and more)

Creative Lighting Design (stage and lighting design for eurythmy)

Bleyer (eurythmy shoes)

Kaesbach Tanzschuh (eurythmy shoes)

Beckford Silk

Metalatelier Hilden (copper rods, balls and other metals)

Eika (eurythmy shoes and silk)

Mercurius International (eurythmy shoes, copper rods and balls)

Waldorfshop EU (eurythmy shoes, copper rods and balls, eurythmy pins)