Invitation to ETN, Eurythmy Teachers’ Network and workshops

In the last few years, there has been an ongoing discussion of the changing character of teaching eurythmy in Steiner Waldorf Schools. This has happened in various forms and groups, particularly in the Eurythmy Association, and in the Eurythmy Teachers’ Network – a group of eurythmy teachers who meet regularly on Zoom to discuss the situation in their schools and to share experiences and exercises with one another.

This year the Eurythmy Teachers’ Network are holding pedagogical weekend workshops once a term for pedagogical eurythmists, with regular invitations for eurythmy students. Come, join our group if you are interested in pedagogical eurythmy and take part in our meetings and workshops!

Autumn 2022 workshop: Friday evening 4th November 2022, and all-day Saturday, 5th. Melissa Harwood will lead us into social eurythmy at Elmfield Steiner School, in Stourbridge. Melissa Harwood will lead us into social eurythmy at Elmfield Steiner School, in Stourbridge. Melissa was teaching in the training at the London School of Eurythmy at Steiner House in London and Peredur with Marguerite Lundgren, Barbara Beedham, Betty Parker and Annemaria Baeschlin.

Spring 2023 workshop: Friday evening and all-day Saturday, 27th and 28th January 2023, Jürgen Frank will introduce to us various exercises for Upper School in London, Feltham, All Saints Church. Jürgen is a lecturer in Alanus University in Alfter bei Bonn, studied eurythmy in Berlin and lives in Hamburg an der Elbe.

In both workshops we will ask everybody to contribute to the costs, fee for pianist and catering for Friday evening and Saturday lunch, with a donation which will be announced in due time.

Please, let us know if you are interested to join us and have an appetite to share the experiences and gems of these proficient eurythmists!

Warm autumn greetings from ETN!

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