International Conferences in Dornach in 2024

Dear colleagues,

In 2024, the Section for the Performing Arts will focus on two major conferences – both targeting the future. The question is how the work with eurythmy and speech formation can be strengthened and how it can assume new tasks in society.

After Easter the International Conference for Eurythmy and Eurythmy Therapy will take place:

Movement engenders mobility – Eurythmy as a fountain of life from 3 to 7 April 2024

Beforehand, on 2 April 2024, the eurythmy specialist fields are invited to meet.

From 10 July to 17 July 2024, the focus will then be on this event:
100 Years of the Dramatic Course from Wednesday, 10 July to Wednesday, 17 July 2024
with a public theatre festival and subsequent colloquium among colleagues.

And one more notice:
The advance booking for the next season of Richard Wagner’s “Parsifal” begins on 1 June 2023. The premiere already revealed a future perspective: the eurythmic contributions in particular were described appreciatively in the feuilletons as enriching, interesting and moving. “Parsifal” will be performed three times before Easter 2024 (24, 29 and 31 March) – this could also be combined very well with the International Professional Conference. This year’s performances were sold out within a few weeks – it is worth ordering tickets in good time!

We are very much looking forward to these special opportunities to meet with all
our colleagues!

For the preparation teams, with warm greetings
Stefan Hasler

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