Intercultural Eurythmy Festival on Friday evening, 5th and Saturday all day, 6th July 2024. at Rudolf Steiner House.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I owe you an apology for not getting notification of the Intercultural Eurythmy Festival event described below into our newsletter and duely notifying  all colleagues. Unfortunately, I became quite unwell in July 2023 and some delays occurred.

Nevertheless, it has been a long-held intention of mine that we should host an Outreach Event in London, and we are now at the point where this will be possible. Adrian Locher with support from the As in GB and the Marylebone Theatre is coordinating and collaborating, along with the UK Eurythmy training and Eurythmy India, and we very much hope you will be able to join us for some of the events. 

An Intercultural Eurythmy Festival including eurythmy/theatre performances of scenes from Shakespeare, with a eurythmy fairy tale, talks, demonstrations, live music and eurythmy workshops by an international group of performers from UK, Germany, Bulgaria, USA, Hong Kong, China, Nepal, Malaysia, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka.

Eurythmy West Midlands – Shakespeare’s Fools (working title)

Peredur Eurythmy – Fairytales for children and adults

Eurythmy India – ‘Love, and be Silent’ – Scenes from King Lear


Beginner’s Eurythmy: ‘The Singing Tree of Life’ – 

Indian Dance and Eurythmy  

Eurythmy with Tabla and Sitar 

Eurythmy and Theatre  

Eurythmy with Sanskrit and Hindi

and others

A full programme and booking information will be available in April. 

Warmest and best wishes for Easter,

Chrystal Hayn

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