Intercultural Eurythmy Festival on Friday and Saturday, 5th and 6th July in Rudolf Steiner Hose, London

The Intercultural Eurythmy Festival at Rudolf Steiner House is the first of its kind in London. It aims to foster connection and collaboration amongst performers from different cultural and artistic backgrounds, and to develop new audiences for the arts of eurythmy and eurythmy theatre.

The Festival offers four performances and a rich palette of diverse workshops by members of Eurythmy West Midlands Stage Group, Peredur Eurythmy and, for the first time in the UK, Eurythmy India.


Friday 5th July

19.00 The Way Leads On (Peredur Eurythmy) gives voice to the many-faceted experience of ‘self’ featuring works by Wright, Grieg, Muir, Steiner, Shakespeare, Beethoven.

20.15 Shakespeare’s Fool (Eurythmy West Midlands Stage Group) presents a collage of real fools, presenting the wise-foolish moments and lots of foolish love in Shakespeare’s plays, interwoven with Debussy’s Sonata for Cello and Piano.


Saturday 6th July

11.00 The Magic Ball (Peredur Eurythmy) is a tale from Patagonia told through movement and gesture. Suitable for children aged 5 and up. 

14.00 Sublime Afternoon Mood is aSitarand Tabla concert by Adwait Gadgil and Arjun Premod introducing Indian Classical instrumental music with the shades of afternoon melodies.

19.30 Love, and Be Silent – Scenes from Shakespeare’s King Lear (Eurythmy India) offers a chance to experience the combined arts of eurythmy and theatre in a unique interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, set in 16th century India, with a diverse cast of actor/eurythmists and musicians from Nepal, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and China.

Workshops (1 hour)

Saturday 6th July

12.00 Creating fairy tale characters through movement and music

  • for children age 7 – 10

12.00 The Singing Tree of Life – Eurythmy for beginners

15.30 Indian Classical Dance and Eurythmy

15.30 Chanting, Eurythmy and Yoga

15.30 Drama, Eurythmy and the Spoken Word

17.00 Sitar, Tabla and Eurythmy

17.00 Eurythmy movement and Mandarin 

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