“How do I stay healthy in my work?” – a weekend course from 29th April 2022. in Deventer, Netherland.

The theme is ‘How do I stay healthy in my work’:
– working, learning, practicing with our etheric body
– hygenic exercise indications for the 4 members of the human being: physical, etheric and astral body and I
– hygenic exercise indications for heart, lungs, kidneys and liver
– protection and purifying exercises
This is the foundation course for eventually further development and training in ‘Eurythmy in Motion’ (only open to eurythmy therapists and doctors). The weekend is open to EURYTHMISTS, eurythmy therapists and doctors.
If you have questions myself, Caroline Westlake and Katherine Beaven may be able to answer them.
The course is held near Amsterdam in Deventer, Holland and is held in German.
Please see information about this interesting course in the attachments
Eurythmy in Motion/Movement bases on indications from Rudolf Steiner and in collaboration with Verena Stael von Holstein and an Elemental Spirit Being who has taken great interest in the potential of Eurythmy at this time. The eurythmy works a lot with the streaming flowing element, the etheric heart and on the etheric starting points (RS: ‘Ansatzpunkte’) referred to here as portal points or portals. 
“The streaming element can help the human being reach through their member- sheaths, into connection with their deepest core: the etheric heart. There where Christ works. So you work as much as possible with gentle, flowing movements, which should all be done in the auric field of the person.
Everything must be brought into flow, all sound gestures can be experienced through a watery movement – not too fast, not too hard, not too airy. A streaming movement helps more easily to flow through the sheaths to the inside. Here is a new midpoint as the centre of movement: the etheric heart (in the area of the underside of the sternum). 
The etheric heart rests on the altar of the solar plexus, and there the etheric Christ can take up his abode.
The process that leads to a sound gesture … The sensing of an etheric portal point on the body takes place before the sound gesture is formed. Here lies the actual activity of the will, not in the forming of the sound movement itself. The Sound Being can flow into the human being’s members, through the sound gesture. So, it is not the human being who ‘creates’ the sound, but the sound that moves the human being.
Your gesture forms an etheric path on which the Sound Being can then stream out into the members of your being.”

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