“HILMA af KLINT – THE SPIRIT IN ART” – exploring Hilma af Klint’s Spiritual Quest through Art, Symposium with Workshops including a Performance by the Eurythmeum Stuttgart, Else Klink Ensemble, Saturday, 3rd June, 10am – 8.30pm at Steiner House, London.


Klint_Conference brochure

Hilma af Klint was an artist and a spiritual seeker. These two strands intertwine in her artistic creations and prompt pertinent questions such as: What was the nature of her esoteric practice and what role did it play in her artistic process? Is she attempting to make invisible experiences visible in her paintings? In general, what is the relationship between esotericism and modern art? We invite you to explore such questions in the symposium, workshops and performance at Rudolf Steiner House, London.

Andrew Wolpert, Coralee Frederickson, Adrian Locher (Event Organisers)

Please note, it will be also a performance at 7.30pm on Friday and the ticket includes the Saturday evening performance of INSCAPES, which is also open to the public. For further information on this performance, please see:

Eurythmeum Stuttgart – Else Klink Ensemble at Marylebone Theatre

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