Heal our planet with Hallelujah 500! – Spray and Pray for the Earth!

Dear All, My name is Tomoko Kurokawa. I am a biodynamic farmer in Japan. Firstly, I am terribly sorry to ask your help in such a short notice when you are occupied. I have coordinated a global biodynamic initiative “Heal our Planet with Hallelujah 500!”, formerly named “Spray and Pray for the Earth!”. I very much appreciate it if you participated in the previous events. I would like to invite you to the third event on Tuesday, October 13th. 15:00-16:00 (if a weekday is inconvenient, we have another one on Saturday, October 31st). We employ biodynamic preparations and eurythmy “Hallelujah” for an approximately 24 hour period towards healing our Planet Earth.
You can find more information on the website

October is a particularly effective month to apply the preparation 500. With eurythmy “Hallelujah”, the preparation becomes more powerful. It would be really wonderful if you could join us. Please do not hesitate to register on the website. Your registration would greatly encourage all the volunteers who have devoted their time to make this event happen.         

I wish you a wonderful experience!

Event Coordinator,Tomoko Kurokawa


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