Here you will find a list of courses and events that are happening in the UK, Ireland or beyond that are either for eurythmists or of public interest. There may be other events happening in your area that we are not aware of, so please enquire of eurythmists locally if you wish to know if there is anything happening in your area. Please let us know of any upcoming events by emailing with details.

February 2019

Friday mornings term times only – PUBLIC WORKSHOPS
Open Speech Eurythmy class 11.30 – 12.30.  For those with little or no experience.
Open Music Eurythmy Session 10 – 11 for those with little or no experience.
Peredur Centre for the Arts
Organiser: Peredur Eurythmy: or 07825140119

March 2019

15th–16th March. The Inbetween with Annemarie Ehrlich – WORKSHOP
Stuttgart. Apply to:

16th March, 6.15 – 7.00 pm. Saturday Studio Performance – PUBLIC PERFORMANCE
Organiser: London Eurythmy, Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1;

18th – 23rd March. Eurythmy Studies in Colour with Jonathan Reid in Italy – PUBLIC WORKSHOP
More info: Eurythmy in Italy with Jonathan Reid
Organiser: Moving with Masters. Info:

22nd – 24th March. Colour – the Rainbow Bridge Between Inner and Outer Worlds – PUBLIC WORKSHOP
Weekend workshop with Goethean Science, painting and eurythmy.
More info: Colour – The Rainbow Bridge Workshop
Organiser: Moving Presence, Edinburgh. Website; info:

Eurythmy Therapy Training starting
Stroud, UK

28th – 30th March. Youth Eurythmy Festival – PUBLIC PERFORMANCES
Rudolf Steiner House, 25 Park Road, London
Organiser and more info:

29th–30th March. The Inbetween with Annemarie Ehrlich – WORKSHOP
Hannover, Germany. Apply to: Ulrike Wallis und Monika Dreher or

April 2019

2nd–3rd April. Open Business Course with Annemarie Ehrlich – WORKSHOP
Moscow, Russia. Apply to: Oksana,

12th–13th April. The Transition into the Everyday with Annemarie Ehrlich – WORKSHOP
Copenhagen, Denmark. Apply to: Elisabeth Halkier, Tel: +45 39641108 or

13th–15th April. Theory U with Annemarie Ehrlich – WORKSHOP
Copenhagen, Denmark. Apply to: Elisabeth Halkier, Tel: +45 39641108 or

May 2019

29th May – 2nd June. 15th International Eurythmy Festival – Forum for Young People
Witten Annen, Germany.

June 2019

24th – 27th June 2019. International Eurythmy Graduates’ Meeting
Goetheanum, Dornach Switzerland.

July 2019

8th–17th July. Eurythmy Further Training with Annemarie Bäschlin
Dorothea Mier: Tone Eurythmy
Annemarie Bäschlin: Colour Eurythmy
Alois Winter: Formative Speech
Venue: Ringoldingen (Berner Oberland) CH
Organiser: Annemarie Bäschlin, Ringoldingen, CH-3762 Erlenbach Tel. +41(0)33 681 16 18 (please use the
answer machine and speak clearly thank you)

September 2019

24th September, 12 pm local time. World Eurythmy Day.

October 2019

5th – 6th October. Eurythmy and the Class Lesson motives. For members of the School of Spiritual Science.
With Ursula Zimmerman.
Organiser: Section for the Performing Arts, Postfach, Goetheanum, CH-4143 Dornach.

13th – 14th October. Performing Arts Section Festival.
Organiser: Performing Arts Section:

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