Here you will find a list of courses and events that are happening in the UK, Ireland or beyond that are either for eurythmists or of public interest. There may be other events happening in your area that we are not aware of, so please enquire of eurythmists locally if you wish to know if there is anything happening in your area. Please let us know of any upcoming events by emailing with details.

Regular Classes

Fridays 10 – 11 am term time: Eurythmy and Music – PUBLIC CLASS
Starting 27th September. Beginners welcome
Venue: Peredur Centre for the Arts, East Grinstead.
Organiser: Peredur Eurythmy;

Thursdays 5 – 6 pm: Public Eurythmy Class with Music or Poetry – PUBLIC CLASS
Most weeks in term time. No charge at the moment, notice will be given if this changes.
Venue: Joan of Arc Hall, Botton Village, Danby, Whitby, YO21 2NJ
Organiser: Jonathan Reid;

Mondays 9.30 – 10.30 am in term time – PUBLIC CLASS
Led by Erica Mulheisen
Venue: Edinburgh Steiner School, 60 Spylaw Road, Edinburgh

Fridays 9 – 10 am: Eurythmy Transformational Movement  – PUBLIC CLASS
Autumn and Spring term time. Next block: 28th February to 22nd May 2020
Venue: Hereford Steiner Academy, Hereford.
Organiser: Karla Prates:

Thursdays 6 – 7 pm in term time, starting 30th January: Eurythmy Class – PUBLIC CLASS
Venue: The Christian Community, 73, Cainscross Road, Stroud, GL54HB.
Organiser: Elisabeth Bamford, email:

October 2020

8th October, 7pm: ‘virtual’ Council meeting

16th – 18th October: Eurythmy Festival – CONFERENCE
Venue: The Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland
Organiser: Section for the Performing Arts, Postfach, Goetheanum, CH-4143 Dornach.

16th October, 7.30pm: Morning of Light – an evening of eurythmy, poetry and music by SoundSpace Eurythmy
Venue: The Christian Community, Stroud, 73 Cainscross Road, Stroud, GL5 4HB,
Organiser: Elisabeth Bamford, 07751000188,

22nd October, 7pm: Eurythmy Association ‘virtual’ AGM

April 2021

Sound + Language – Magic of Movement – Dimensions of Transformation – CONFERENCE
International conference for eurythmists, formative speech artists, therapeutic eurythmists and interested parties.
Venue: The Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland
Organiser: Section for the Performing Arts, Postfach, Goetheanum, CH-4143 Dornach.

July 2021

16th – 25th July: Tone Eurythmy Therapy Intensive Course – PROFESSIONAL COURSE
lead by Jan Ranck with contributions from Dr. James Dyson
This professional course is for eurythmy therapists and medical doctors but it can benefit artists, teachers, music, art and physical therapists as well as students or lat enthusiasts.
Venue: East Grinstead, England
Information and registration:

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