Eurythmy Teachers’ Network

Educational Eurythmists meet regularly online bringing mutual support, questions and inspiration to each other. We share teaching materials and work together on various documents concerning our practice. We formed the Eurythmy Teachers’ Network and are actively promoting a secure position for Eurythmy in the Waldorf/Steiner School Curriculum through ongoing communication with the Steiner Waldorf School Fellowship and various Steiner/Waldorf Schools (most recently, with Wynstones Initiative).

If you are/were a Eurythmy Teacher and wish to join us, please email

Eurythmy Teachers’ Network:

Zlata Zaludova, Diana Constantin Skinner, Michele Hunter, Martina Gayer, Amy Chouinard, Kelly Williams, Gabriella Vasas-Turnbull, Kaya Kitani, Dasha Machova, Daniela Sorina Ciurariu, Remus Alin Ciurariu and others

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