“How do I stay healthy in my work?” – a weekend course from 29th April 2022. in Deventer, Netherland.

The theme is ‘How do I stay healthy in my work’: – working, learning, practicing with our etheric body – hygenic exercise indications for the 4 members of the human being: physical, etheric and astral body and I – hygenic exercise indications for heart, lungs, kidneys and liver – protection and purifying exercises This is […]

‘The power of language to shape the human being – empowering, uplifting, healing’, Conference at the Goetheanum

Dear colleagues, After the difficult Corona years, a new darkness has descended on Europe – the war in Ukraine is tearing at our hearts and leaving us helpless and powerless. What does a major conference on eurythmy, speech formation and eurythmy therapy mean in such times? It can make us aware once again of how […]

Sixth Youth Eurythmy Festival on Friday, 18th March 2022 in Rudolf Steiner House

The Youth Eurythmy Festival is happening again at Rudolf Steiner House in London, this time on the afternoon of  March 18th!  This annual event has been happening since 2014 with great success, but to date we are in our 6th year as we could not run the event for the last two years. Hence, we […]

Meeting of Humanities Section in Rudolf Steiner House at 11am on Saturday, 26th February 2022.

The invitation to this meeting was extended to the members of Performing Arts Section by Andrew Wolpert.   “The last Section meeting in October became an opportunity to recognise different aspects of how poetic metre have evolved differently in German and in English.  Our meeting on 26th February may be of interest to members of […]