A conference on autism, 31st March – 2nd April at the birth place of Rudolf Steiner, Donji Kraljevec, Croatia.

Dear friends,

We would like to announce a conference at the birth place of Rudolf Steiner, Donji Kraljevec, Croatia.

 (31st of March/1st of April /2nd of April 2023)

 “Exploring the diagnosis of Autism and the preconditions, physiological and spiritual, for incarnation” 

 Titles of the single lectures:

  1.      Problematic aspects inherent in the current usage of the diagnosis of Autism.
  2.      Outlining the polarity of  Will and sense perception and exploring how their interaction contributes to general child development. Introducing the concept of neurodiversity – and considering how autistic and other features may arise. 
  3.      Continuation of this theme, and reviewing Steiner’s descriptions of the twelve senses and the seven life processes in this broader developmental context
  4.      Exploring related spiritual, social, relational and incarnation challenges
  5.      Making sense of trends in current society – Inclusivity or its alternatives. Time for questions, conversation, and digestion. 

 Lecturer : Dr James Dyson

 Dr James Dyson worked as a licensed physician in the UK for 38 years and later in his career as a psychosynthesis counsellor. His approach and orientation was from the beginning informed by Steiner’s Anthroposophy, with special reference to Steiner’s insights into education, medicine and child development. His medical practice embraced both mental and physical health and latterly included working as a school doctor and as a visiting consultant in schools for childen and adults with learning disabilities. He gained a post graduate master’s degree in psychosynthesis psycholoogy in 2013 and teaches anthroposophic psychology and medicine on several platforms internationally.”

Dr James Dyson filmed for the interviewed for the film “The challenge of Rudolf Steiner”


How this conference came about :

During the month of September last year members of a small artistic ensemble, including eurythmist, speaker and musician met with  children and youngsters from the Association for autism “Pogled”, Nedelišće, Croatia, with an aim to put together a performance  based on a Brothers Grimm story “Iron Hans”. The performance took place in the centre of Rudolf Steiner in Donji Kraljevec on Michaelmas day. It was well-received by parents and guests and we all enjoyed the created festive mood. It is important to mention that in addition to its theatrical celebratory aspect it was our intention to create an artistic-therapeutical context which enabled everyone to express him or herself in accordance to the true image of the human being. The way we move or form our speech or experience the musical tones can liberate us, can bring us closer to the harmony of the creative forces we originate from. Such an artistic process has healing properties in itself and is beneficial no matter what our initial abilities or present constitutional circumstances are. After the performance the question was raised and the need expressed to hear also from the medical point of view about the creative forces we originate from and the true image of the human being in relation to the autistic condition. This is how this  conference came about.

In the meantime, if you are interested to have further conversation or to join us from the 28th March for the  art-therapy build up to the conference, and/or are interested in our 2023 projects, our contact address is vidar.initiative@gmail.com.

Danijel Grcevic, Eva Maria Rascher and Bonita Cohen

Please take a look in the attachment for the program details and time table.

How to apply, and for information on traveling and accommodation facilities, please write to us on address:


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