A Colloquium on the theme of Colours, Eurythmy Figures and the Zodiac at the Goetheanum on 23rd–24th September 2023.

All colleagues who like to research, exchange, reflect and “sense” together how the “working of the creative powers, the life of the creative powers” are revealed in the colours, the eurythmy figures and the forces of the zodiac are invited.

Presentations and participatory units alternate with units of conversation and exchange about what we have just experienced. Who offers a contribution to this theme?
Who wants to be part of it.

Several people – many aspects and exchange about methods, approaches and results!
That would be our hope!

We look forward to it – Stefan Hasler, Sivan Karnieli and Lasse Wennershou

Please write to: srmk@goetheanum.ch about your themes and interest. Thank you!

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