Intercultural Eurythmy Festival on Friday evening, 5th and Saturday all day, 6th July 2024. at Rudolf Steiner House.

Dear Friends and Colleagues, I owe you an apology for not getting notification of the Intercultural Eurythmy Festival event described below into our newsletter and duely notifying  all colleagues. Unfortunately, I became quite unwell in July 2023 and some delays occurred. Nevertheless, it has been a long-held intention of mine that we should host an […]

International Whitsun Conference between 17th and 19th May 2024. in Donji Kraljevec, in the birthplace of Rudolf Steiner

Opening talk by Dr James Dyson: “Anthroposophy – Karma harmonisation, confronting evil in the light of understanding Rudolf Steiner’s Deed at the Christmas Conference”Contributions from country representatives. Whitsun Sunday plenum.  Mystery Drama workshop inspired by the themes of the conference, with Richard Ramsbotham. Raphael conversation with Dunja Balaban. Eurythmy with Eva Maria Rascher. Also, opportunities to visit Rudolf Steiner’s birth […]

The 100th anniversary of the first eurythmy performance of the Foundation Stone Meditation on April 20th, 2024 in Sheffield

Dear Eurythmy Colleagues,               When I was at the Michaelmas Conference in Dornach last September 2023, I learned from eurythmy colleagues that the Foundation Stone Meditation was first performed at Easter 1924. This inspired me to ask the Council of ASinGB and RMT if they would support a conference for members and eurythmists to celebrate […]