West Midlands Eurythmy School Reunion Gathering, Saturday, 21st October 2023. in the Eurythmy Room at Elmfield School. 

Dear past students, You are warmly invited to a reunion for all past students. The initial idea of a reunion arose within a small group of students who studied in 1983. From there it has grown into an invite to all students whose eurythmy paths crossed with this training as it was held in Elmfield […]

Eurythmie-Festival, in Goetheanum, Dornach, 13th-15th October 2023.

Experiencing the earth as you, time and time stream, heart mysteries, Max Reger, Hermann Kükelhaus, Novalis … These and more themes will be shown to us at this year’s Eurythmy Festival. There will be three ensemble performances from the Netherlands, Croatia and Germany, and performances by soloists from e.g. Berlin, Vienna and Dornach. You are […]