The Vancouver Waldorf School in Canada is seeking a Full Time Eurythmy Teacher

The Vancouver Waldorf School of British Columbia, Canada, is seeking a Full Time Eurythmy Teacher for the 2020-2021 school year to fill a maternity leave. The available position could include Early Childhood, grade school, and high school classes, and could develop into a long-term position. Opportunities for an immediate start are also be available for […]

Performances by Eurythmy Spring Valley on Saturday 15th February at Emerson College

A whole weekend of Eurythmy has come together -quite unplanned – but all the more wonderful! It might well be worth a weekend trip to the beautiful South, if you don’t already live here. Eurythmy Spring Valley will be performing their Fairy Tale “The Lady and the Lion” at the Peredur Centre at 3pm on […]

“Preparing the next Generation for their Future, not our Past” with Dr med Michaela Glockler, February 2020

Dr med Michaela Glöckler will speak about the challenges today’s children in developing their full potential. Specifically in relation to the increased demand on the child’s attention and changes in family life and social cohesion. How does the educational setting look like that can adequately respond to these challenges and enable rather than hinder the […]